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Handheld Paper Embosser


This is a great option for branding with your own custom logo! You can easily emboss envelopes, stationery or even hang tags for your products. It’s a timeless way of adding a personal touch. The handheld embosser includes insert and embossing device and comes with plastic case. You can use this for paper ranging from 75 – 120 grams.

PLACEMENT: This will decide which direction your logo faces depending on where you plan to imprint.


Please send a black and white high resolution file of your logo. Whatever you want to be embossed should be in black and the rest in white. File types accepted: png, pdf, eps, jpg

Check this box if you uploaded art with exact dimensions you'd like printed. DO NOT check this box if you'd like us to re-size your file to the max length/width of the size you selected (or the self inking unit you chose). ** We will keep the aspect ratio, we will not stretch or distort your image**
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File types allowed: jpg, pdf, png, psd, svg or tiff

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